Monkey-X: Template Command line tool

Import commandlineapp

'summary: This is the command line tool starting point:
Function Main()	
	Local tool:= New CommandLineTool()

'summary: This class handles the launching and parameters of the command line tool
Class CommandLineTool Extends CommandLineApp

	'summary: This is called when the command line tool launches.
	Method New()
		Notice there are several field defined in this class, such as assemblyLocation, assemblyName and  parameters.
			- Self.assemblyName contains the name of the tool executable file (IE. the EXE file in windows os)
			- Self.assemblyLocation contains the path in the filesystem where the tool is located.
			- Self.paramters is a string array with any parameter passed to the tool. If no parameter is present, this array is of length zero.
		'Place the command line tool code here:

Import brl.filepath
Import os

'summary: This class handles the launching and parameters of the command line tool
Class CommandLineApp Abstract

	'summary: This field contains the name of this tool assembly. That is, in windows, the EXE file of this tool.
	Field assemblyName:String

	'summary: This field contains the location in the file system where this tool is stored.
	Field assemblyLocation:String

	'summary: This array of strings contains all the paramters passed to this command line tool from the terminal or console.<br>If none is passed, this array will be of length zero.
	Field parameters:String[]

	Method New()
		'this is the tool executable name (on windows, the EXE file name):
		assemblyName = filepath.StripDir(os.AppArgs[0])
		'This is the tool executable path, the folder where the assembly is located:
		assemblyLocation = filepath.ExtractDir(os.AppArgs[0])
		'We get the list of parameters
		parameters = os.AppArgs[1 ..]

	'summary: Use this method to abruptly end current application.<br>The "success" parameter may be set to true or false depending of the cause of the tool being ended.
	Method EndApplication(success:Bool)
		If success Then os.ExitApp(0) Else os.ExitApp(-1)


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