WII join splitted ISO dump files from CleanRip homebrew

If you have only the possibility to use a FAT32 formatted USB drive to rip the ISO files CleanRip will split them to separate chunks.

For later use with the Dolphin emulator or maybe with a Batocera Linux they have to be joined together again. See following example:

cat RQJP7D.part{0..4}.iso > Crash.iso

As you can see you can join the files with the cat command back to one large iso file. Change filenames to your situation ;o)

Happy ripping/backup-ing your GameCube or Wii games.

GameCube with qoob Pro mod ripp games to ISO file

With the GameCube qoob Pro mod you can ripp games to iso files. Beside the mod itself you need also an installed Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapter.

First your network has to prepared. I have reactivated an old router from me for this case.

GameCube qoob pro mod attached to router

If needed it is recommended to set the router base ip address to

The default qoob Pro ip address is The ip of the used computer should have (as described here).

If your setup is done insert the game. Power on the GameCube and hold the B button to open the qoob menu.

Open a browser on your computer and open the URL:

The browser starts to download a file named ‚DVD‚ of the current inserted game. A rip/download takes approximately 40 minutes. If the download is finished rename ‚DVD‚ to a appropriate name of the game.

Batocera XBOX convert ISO <>XBE folder

Needed Windows console tool is:


Use following commands to convert to needed files:

./extract-xiso.exe -x ./gamename.iso

Option -x will convert a iso image to an game folder with XBE files.

./extract-xiso.exe -c ./gamenamefolder

Option -c will convert a XBE game folder back to iso image

Note: not tested yet in fact i have no Windows ;o)

Update: extract-xiso can easily compiled from source. Just look into the XboxDev/extract-xiso github repository.