wobblerThis is a little app to manipulate pictures in a funny way.

Take a picture from your album or make one with your camera. After that you can manipulate the picture at your fingertips ;-)

At least you can save the picture back to the album, send it to your friends with a mail or you can upload it to your facebook account.


Tested on iPhone 2G, 3GS and 4G. Full functionality available with iOS 4.

Improve performance with real bitmap manipulation and get rid of the multiple masked layers.


Version 1.0.3: Bugfixes, compatibility with iOS 5

Version 1.0.2: Added function to upload wobble pictures to facebook. Small gui improvements.

Version 1.0.1: Added support for the build in accelerator. Tap on the screen to hide the topbar and the accelerator mode is active. Tap once again to show the topbar again to save or send wobbles. Or you use your finger again to wobble around.

Version 1.0: Initial release. My first steps with the iPhone SDK.