AppleScript: make new quarkxpress document


Creates a new document

All properties below are NOT needed to create a new document.
It is possible to use only specific properties, the other properties
will be set to default values.

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
    set properties of default document 1 to {class:document, auto leading:"20%", automatic trap amount:"0,144 pt", auto constrain:false, auto picture import:auto import off, automatic text box:false, auto kern:true, kern above:"4 pt", baseline grid increment:"11 pt", baseline grid start:"4 mm", baseline grid showing:false, ciceros per centimeter:"2,197", facing pages:false, flex space width:"50%", fractional character widths:true, frame inside:true, guides in front:true, horizontal measure:millimeters, hyphenation method:expanded hyphenation, ignore white:true, item spread coords:false, keep master page items:true, knockout limit:"0", ligatures on:standard ligatures, lock guides:false, maintain leading:true, maximum ligature track:"1", overprint limit:"0", page height:"297 mm", points per inch:"72", process trap:true, page width:"420 mm", subscript horizontal scale:"100%", subscript offset:"33%", subscript vertical scale:"100%", single layout mode:false, trapping method:absolute trap, auto page insertion location:end of story, indeterminate trap amount:"0,144 pt", typesetting leading mode:true, vertical measure:millimeters, bottom margin:"8 mm", column count:1, greek below:"7 pt", greek pictures:false, guides showing:true, gutter width:"4,233 mm", inside margin:"8 mm", invisibles showing:true, left margin:"8 mm", outside margin:"8 mm", right margin:"8 mm", rulers showing:true, top margin:"8 mm", view scale increment:"25%", minimum view scale:"10%", maximum view scale:"800%", view scale:"86,3%"}
    make new document at beginning
end tell


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