AppleScript: make new style spec in quarkxpress


Creates a new text box

Properties are for example. rule above and rule below (position and indent) are not correct scriptable.

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
    tell document 1
        if not (exists style spec "10_Hotelname") then
            make new style spec at beginning with properties {class:style spec, base style:null, character attributes:{language:3, font:"TheSans B7 Bold", shade:"60%", size:"12 pt", color:color spec "Schwarz"}, character style:null, key character:"", name:"10_Hotelname", next style:style spec "10_Hotelname", paragraph attributes:{rule above:{rule on:false}, rule below:{rule on:true, text length:Indents, position:"34%", style:solid line, width:"0,5 pt", color:color spec "0/60/100/0"}, left indent:"7 mm", grid lock:false, leading:"16 pt", justification:left justified, relative leading:false}}
        end if
    end tell
end tell