AppleScript: make new text box in quarkxpress


Creates a new text box

Properties are for example.

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
    tell document 1
        make new text box at end with properties {class:text box, content:text content, box type:text box type, box shape:rectangular, first baseline minimum:ascent baseline, first baseline offset:"0 mm", runaround all sides:false, storage:"", text outset:{"0 pt", "0 pt", "0 pt", "0 pt"}, vertical justification:top justified, columns:1, gutter:"4,233 mm", name:"LOG_TEST_MODUL", shade:"20%", runaround:none runaround, color:color spec "Gelb", blend:{style:solid blend}, frame:{style:dotted line, inside trap:default, outside trap:default, gap color:null, gap opacity:"0%", gap shade:"0%", width:"6 pt", color:color spec "Magenta"}, bounds:{"0 mm", "0,269 mm", "183,132 mm", "47,269 mm"}}
        set text of last generic box to "Das ist ein kleiner Test"
        set style sheet of paragraph 1 of story 1 of last generic box to object reference of style spec "Normal"
        set character style of every text of last generic box whose it is "Das ist ein kleiner Test" to object reference of character spec "Normal"
    end tell
end tell